Substance Misuse Assessment of Need


Supporting Information

This assessment of need provides a detailed, up-to-date overview of the context, complexity and current strengths and gaps in the system around substance misuse in East Sussex. It draws on a wide range of local and national sources, as well as original comprehensive data analysis. It supports partnership working in East Sussex by highlighting:

  • the drivers of substance misuse and health inequalities
  • the complexity of substance use including its links with poverty, deprivation, adverse childhood experiences and trauma
  • strengths and gaps in the system across East Sussex, including how effectively services are engaging with local communities
  • potential solutions within specific communities.

It forms part of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for East Sussex and is commissioned by the Safer Communities Partnership. It is essential reading for anyone involved in commissioning, planning and delivering services, including healthcare commissioners, and will be useful for anyone affected by these issues or interested in finding solutions.


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Resource Date

August 2022