Economic briefing for East Sussex

Here you can find the latest Economic Update from the Research & Intelligence Team at East Sussex County Council, which analyses available data about the East Sussex economy in March 2024.

It includes data about the structure of the economy in the county, the labour market, businesses, productivity and important sectors.

The briefing includes the latest detailed data about businesses from the ONS’ Business Demography and UK Business counts releases from late last year. There is also the latest data on Pay and Employment from the PAYE RTI dataset, and 2023 earnings data from the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE).

The briefing also reports on the Unemployed (UC/JSA) Claimant Count, and Universal Credit claimant figures for all conditionality groups, released in February 2024 for January 2024 and has been produced to incorporate the latest Unemployment Briefing.

More details can be found on East Sussex in Figures


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