Connecting People and Places 2022/23

Connecting People and Places

This year’s Annual Report of the Director of Public Health focuses on social connections and multi-agency work to tackle loneliness. It is the final in a series of three annual reports looking at the broad social and economic circumstances that together influence health, known as the social determinants of health, in East Sussex.

The report highlights the importance of social connections and the impact loneliness can have on people’s health and wellbeing. It also shares the findings and recommendations of a collaborative COVID-19 recovery project that sought to gain a better understanding of the nature and impact of loneliness on East Sussex residents. A range of local case studies are included that showcase work taking place across the county to connect people within communities.

Among the recommendations is a call to action on preventing and tackling loneliness through a stewardship approach. This approach can help to build trusting relationships, promote learning and enable people and organisations to work together meaningfully towards common goals, such as bringing communities together in East Sussex, connecting people and places.


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