Joint Strategic Needs & Assets Assessment (JSNAA)

Welcome to the East Sussex Joint Strategic Needs & Assets Assessment website.

The Joint Strategic Needs & Assets Assessment (JSNAA) is a process that identifies both the health and wellbeing needs (i.e. problems) and assets (i.e. strengths) of the people, communities and populations in East Sussex. This website provides a central JSNAA resource of local and national information to inform decisions and plans to improve local people’s health and wellbeing and reduce health inequalities in East Sussex.

Local Needs and Assets Profiles

Needs and Assets Profiles, updated annually, draw together information from national profiles and local indicator scorecards to identify issues, health needs and assets for each area. Most recent:

- CCG and Local Authority Local Needs and Assets Profiles, December 2017

Comprehensive Needs Assessments

Specific comprehensive needs assessments help to support the development of joint commissioning strategies and other plans.
Most recent:
- Sexual Health, July 2019

Director of Public Health Annual Reports

Reports from the Director of Public Health on the Health of the Population of East Sussex. The latest report presents a Picture of East Sussex using infographics.

Indicator Scorecards, Datasets, Area Summaries & GP Practice Profiles

The indicator scorecards and area summaries updated in March 2018 are key resources for the JSNAA in East Sussex. They group over 200 indicators from two perspectives or views: NHS and Local Authority views. Also available are profiles for individual GP practices and their localities/communities of practice.

National Profiles

National Profiles on a wide range of topics that provide local data benchmarked against regional and national comparators. These profiles are updated regularly.


Evidence, Surveys and Useful Links

Evidence developed both locally and nationally to help provide the evidence base for improving the health of the population in East Sussex.
Most recent:
Survey summary reports - 2017 health related behaviour survey of year 6 and year 10 pupils in East Sussex, May 2018